AR Drone Users Frequently Asked Questions

Worth the money? Yes certainly. It is lower than the price of placing a reasonable 450 heli in the air and I feel the secondhand cost will probably be decent in the event I get tired of. No regrets about the price per grin in my view.

Insufficient range on wi-fi? I’ve yet to have the Wifi cut down on me, so that it appears larger than promoted up to now.

Is your camera slow? From time to time yes. Often it is smooth and fast and sometimes it stutters. Perhaps not suitable for FPV, add your camera system for it. However the video flow is fun and that is exactly what this bird is focused on

Easier to fly with no camera but considering it? Yes I am not sure if it’s me and my own heli flying customs, but I am primarily seeing the AR Drone itself, taking a Look at the screen just if I recall its video on it

Much better with a 2.4GHz system? It can be amazing to supply the decision to fly using a 2.4 transmitter and still can feel strange controlling by leaning the iPad.

Decent in end flow? It is much better than I anticipated originally. It is a Little rough but appears to hold up well overall

Better at dangling than moving around? Better at hovering at which there’s a clear floor texture. Watch those promotional videos using a much patterned floor? I feel this really would be to get the very best holding effect from the down facing camera. It’s not quite as good in your lawn, drifting over about a foot roughly. Forward flight appears to be real simple, much better at the two than I had been anticipating.

Dr. Mark Winston heavily likes Remote control flying as a leisure activity, due to the AR Drone is just like a dream coming true! You are able to observe commonly asked questions concerning the Parrot AR Drone click here and find out why this particular toy has caught so a lot of people.